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The IRONFIST founding team observed manipulative student loan lending practices, a high student loan default rate, and the options in the marketplace targeted at making student loan burdens more manageable. There was a big problem and none of the solutions seemed to be really working. This included evaluating “solutions” such as deferment, forbearance, income repayment, consolidation, refinancing, loan discharge, debt relief, and documentation prep, among others. Generally, the founding team saw these to be band-aid approaches that typically prolonged (rather than meaningfully reducing) the pain.

Moreover, there was no meaningful approach for borrowers who felt taken advantage of or misled and/or who faced undue (financial or emotional) hardship as a result of their loan. In contrast, IRONFIST saw value in attorney-based approaches but acknowledged that legal representation can be costly, time-consuming, daunting, and often out of reach for student loan borrowers.

IRONFIST set out to create a novel, economical, and efficient approach that streamlines the attorney-based approach by partnering with prominent consumer protection attorneys who leverage their past success against predatory lenders. If done in sufficient volume, the legal team would benefit from common borrower fact patterns (albeit not identical) and repeat player lenders and these attorneys could work efficiently and keep costs low. In addition, IRONFIST can further reduce legal costs by having clients work with specialists who compile a file for the legal team, thereby further reducing legal billing.

Company culture

The IRONFIST team has gotten thousands of families out of abusive contracts in other industries over the last two decades. We have now extrapolated the model to streamline the attorney-based service and work with student loans, where we saw the greatest pain. IRONFIST strives to do more and more in this field including eventually impacting public policy and the way education is structured and sold. In addition, IRONFIST can be a trailblazer in exposing the predatory and manipulative lending practices in this arena. IRONFIST aspires to become a benefit corporation and certified B corp, espousing the values of social entrepreneurship.

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Source: As of 3Q 2019, Federal Reserve & New York Federal Reserve


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